Command Line Interface

To run Wist on Node.js, you must have npm installed. If npm is not installed, follow the instructions here:

Once npm is installed, run the following

$ npm i -g wist

This installs the Wist CLI from the npm repository. To run Wist, use the following format:

$ wist [options] [file]*

Such as:

$ wist file1.js file2.js


The command line utility has several options. You can view the options by running wist -h.

wist [options] file.brs [file.brs]

Basic configuration:
  -f, --format String  Output format - default: stylish
  -v, --verbose        Verbose logging
  -h, --help           Show help


$ wist -f compact file.brs

When specified, the given format is output to the console. If you’d like to save that output into a file, you can do so on the command line like so:

$ wist -f compact file.brs > results.txt

This saves the output into the results.txt file.


This option will start config initialization wizard. It’s designed to help new users quickly create .wistrc file by answering a few questions, choosing a popular style guide, or inspecting your source files and attempting to automatically generate a suitable configuration.

The resulting configuration file will be created in the current directory.

-h, --help

This option outputs the help menu, displaying all of the available options. All other options are ignored when this is present.

-v, --verbose

This option outputs debugging information to the console. This information is useful when you’re seeing a problem and having a hard time pinpointing it. The Wist team may ask for this debugging information to help solve bugs.

Formatting options

-f, --format

This option specifies the output format for the console. Possible formats are:

  • compact
  • json
  • stylish
  • unix
  • visualstudio